Thursday, 1 January 2015

2015 wow.  Happy New year.

I'm resurrecting my old blog because this year I decided it would be a year of learning for me. Learning something new everyday might sound exhausting to some, but it is not really that difficult. We all do it - we just don't acknowledge it and life is all about learning. If you stop learning life would get really boring because there are always great things to learn.

One of the obvious things for me to learn this year is to learn how to blog regularly.  I may a writer/illustrator by trade but as you can see by the last blog I am NOT a regular blogger and I don't think there's Metamucil type drink for blogging.  If you know of one, please let me tell me. Drinking a glass of something would be so much easier than learning how to schedule my time better... right another thing to learn this year - time management.
So now Blogging and Time management are on the list - kind of boring but it all starts with organizing my days.  Which leads to:


 I actually started this at the beginning of the week (not today) by getting rid of a bunch of stuff cluttering my office. My work space is now CLEAN and ORGANIZED. When you do as much stuff as I do having your work space organized helps you get things done a lot quicker.

I have room to move - breathe and build stuff like today's learning project. A bit of scrap wood, some paint, stain and screws and I learned to make a new paint brush caddy.


  1. Both the caddy and your decision to do new stuff daily is awesome.

  2. Alma, love that you are blogging :) I'm glad you posted it to face book to find. The caddy is great and full of the right stuff. I too am reorganizing my studio and life this year. It is going to be an amazing year of creativity and risks.