Sunday, 4 January 2015

Storage Benches

 One of the things I am trying to do lately - to keep me from over working and spend more time doing other things - like spending time with the family is to turn my computer off at a certain time of day.  My computer is not portable and sitting at it means solitude. Unless I'm on a strict deadline or there's something urgent I need to take care of I do not turn the computer back on. So yesterday's post has waited until this morning. Not because I didn't make time to post but because when I tried with my iPad I couldn't add the photo.
 In the theme of organization I needed more storage room in my office as well as somewhere I could sit and read - other than my computer chair. I didn't have room for both another shelving unit and a chair so I picked up a $20 dresser at the Salvation Army and turned it into a storage bench.  I didn't know if the project would work but it was a really cheap dresser so I wasn't worried. If we ended up with a pile of wood - it still would have cost more than the $20 I paid for it.

When it started out it looked something like this (I didn't take a before picture and this is the closest I could find).

And NOW it looks like this.

It's not finished yet because I have to sand it down, paint it and add cushions but it was a good project and easy to do. I will admit my husband did the cutting. It's not that I CAN'T use a saw it's just that when he's home and  the tools are out he feels like he's the one who should use them :). They are after all HIS TOOLS. I did tell him exactly where to cut and I am the person who will sand,  paint, and distress it to look even more awesome (I hope). I wonder if he'll still take over the tools if I go out and buy some really girly tools ;).

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