Friday, 2 January 2015


Wow day two.

So many things I learned today without even trying as is with most days. In fact you can't NOT learn something in a day. If you spend all day in bed you will learn at least three things - the world goes on without you, it's really boring to spend all day in bed (alone anyway), AND by the end of the day you will probably hurt somewhere.

Today I did not spend all day in bed. I would have like to spend a little more time in bed however because the house was FREEZING when I woke up. Which tends to happen when your husband removes the thermostat the night before to turn the heat off instead of just turning the heat down.  This is January in ONTARIO. Brrr.

So after warming up, I started the computer and downloaded Quickbooks - granted it was just a trial but I wanted to learn to use it. I will end up buying it when the trial is over because after learning the basics I realized it will make my bookkeeping so much easier.  If you don't know Quickbooks you can find it here -

This is the Canadian version - Make sure if you are Canadian you download this version of the software because you can't fill out your info if you download the American version - something I also learned today ;)

Of course if you are American you'll want to check out this version

There's likely still a lot more to learn about the program but there are a lot of tutorials on how to use it. I would have spent more time on it today however I had an appointment I had to make.

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