Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Another day of writing, art and learning. Of course when I'm working on a book I'm always learning, somedays it's learning that what I wrote yesterday totally sucks. But whatever go forth and write sucky. It's much easier to fix sucky than a blank page. Today's writing was much better - I think. I suppose I will learn tomorrow if it was or not.

ART - normally I listen to music while I'm doing my art but today I thought what the heck - I'll kill two birds with one stone and listen to my spanish lessons as I paint. I learned how to say a bunch of stuff I didn't understand without reading the English translations :) but my pronunciation is dead on. And the painting turned out just fine. Part of my Hollywood Icon collection - Bette Davis.

I also managed to finish the reading corner in my office. I still need a couple of throw pillows but I also learned today that it was too cold to step outside. I needed a little shelf to hold my beverage when I read or edit (if I'm working on a draft on the iPad) so again trying to avoid frostbite I used whatever I had in the house to build one. I find the little bookshelf fitting for an author's office - how about you?

Here's a closer picture of the shelf we made above the bench Monday. We used a couple of the drawers from the old dresser that we didn't for the bench and then added another file-tower turned sideways on top of that.

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