Monday, 5 January 2015

Spicing things up

Yesterday as my hubby cooked dinner (I am lucky enough to have a guy that cooks a lot) he was complaining that the system we had for storing our herbs and spices wasn't working anymore. There may have been some banging of jars involved in his complaining. When he found what he was looking for he proceeded to put things back the same way - really not solving the problem he was complaining about. Thus leading to another day of complaining about the same thing. This is how our spice drawer looked... which you can see is why it didn't work. There was no system.

So this morning after he went to work I decided to figure out a way to organize it. While I was drinking my morning coffee I use some scrap wood from the basement and built an in-drawer horizontal spice rack and put all the herbs and spices we use the most in the front rows.

We still had a lot of spices left over so I built an on the door rack. We will likely add another rack above this one for the remaining spices.

The learning wasn't over for the day - this afternoon I also had to figure out how to use the snowblower otherwise hubby wouldn't have been able to get into the driveway to see what I did with the spices.

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